CXTCM first asphalt mixing plant exported to Tajikistan has been installed successfully!


Tajikistan is a mountainous country, far from international transit transportation, and lacks infrastructure such as railways and highways.In recent years, driven by the national the Belt and Road strategy, Chinese enterprises have actively participated in local infrastructure construction.Tajikistan's transportation infrastructure has greatly improved, playing a significant role in promoting the country's economic construction and social development.

  Recently, at the construction site in Tajikistan, the asphalt mixing plant manufactured by CXTCM has been installed.This is our company's first set of asphalt mixing plant equipment sent to Tajikistan.The plant is installed and debugged by the customer throughout the entire process, with remote guidance from CXTCM technicians. After more than one month intense work, the asphalt mixing plant has been successfully produced and has received unanimous praise from customers.It also fully demonstrates the high standards and strict requirements for the design and quality of CXTCM.

We believe that excellent asphalt mixing plant  performance will undoubtedly bring assistance to the construction of local transportation facilities.