Wuxi Xuetao Asphalt Concrete Mixing Plant Helps Russia To Start a New Chapter


Recently, CXTCM overseas market came good news, at the end of March, our company exported to the city of Krasnoyarsk, Russia, a set of asphalt concrete mixing plant has completed installation and commissioning, smoothly put into production. To date, CXTCM has 22 asphalt concrete mixing plants in the Russian market. It is worth mentioning that after the equipment arrived at the Russian site, with the assistance of local agents and the remote guidance of CXTCM technicians, the Russian personnel on-site installation and commissioning were successful.

It is reported that in response to the customized requirements of Russian customers, in order to meet the local production needs, CXTCM has optimized and upgraded its required asphalt concrete mixing station, and strictly controlled all aspects of design, manufacturing and delivery. The asphalt concrete mixing plant put into production, the whole machine adopts modular design, flexible transfer, cost-effective, is a set of modular, easy to disassemble, easy to transport, intermittent asphalt concrete mixing plant, fully reflects the reliability of CXTCM equipment, standardization and modularity is very high, enjoy a high reputation in the Russian market.

Quality determines value, innovation determines the future, CXTCM has always been adhering to the "heart for trust" purpose. In the future, we will continue to increase investment in technology research and development, quality control and other aspects, constantly improve product competitiveness and market share, and contribute more Chinese strength to the in-depth development of economic and trade cooperation between the two countries.

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