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CXTCM’S manufacturing complex is precisely organized into five separate workshops, including raw material preparation workshop, metalworking workshop, assembly workshop, electrical workshop, and powder coating workshops.

Our raw material preparation workshop is mainly responsible for raw materials’ cutting, which is achieved using our automatic CNC cutting machines, allowing both an excellent cutting quality and zero tolerance. In this way, high-quality workpieces are produced, which provides much convenience for further processing.

Our metalworking workshop is mainly responsible for components’ machining, which is handled by highly automated lathes. Therefore, a high machining accuracy and a high assembly precision is aptly guaranteed.

CXTCM’s assembly workshop, tasked with workpiece assembly. It is outfitted with diverse automatic welding equipment and experienced staff. With automatic welding equipment, a high welding effect for dryer drum is achieved. In addition, staff working here all possess significant welding experience and are well-versed in advanced welding technologies. Thus, the quality of our products is vastly improved.

Our electrical workshop is mainly in charge of the electric control of the asphalt mixing plants. In this workshop, many imported electronic components manufactured by famous companies, such as Siemens and Schneider, are utilized to achieve stable performance and reliable functioning of our equipment.

In the powder coating workshop, paint drying ovens are equipped, ensuring attractive appearance and better performance corrosion resistance and rust resistance for our mixing plant.

Not only is CXTCM equipped with advanced manufacturing equipment, we are also outfitted with experienced and professional quality control staff, and precise, comprehensive testing equipment, responsible for various testing methods, such as incoming inspection, X-ray non-destructive testing, hardness testing and so on. Thus, a high, stable quality is firmly guaranteed.

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