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Main Product

Our asphalt mixing plant is an intermittent type, which is mainly composed of cold aggregate supply system, dryer drum heating system, weighing system for aggregate, powder and bitumen, powder storage and supply system, dust collector, bitumen storage and heating system, and PC-based control system.

All our asphalt mixing plants are designed to be modular structured and PC-based controlled, providing an easy delivery and installation as well as great convenience for disassembling when there is a requirement for transporting.

All the components of our mixing plants are processed in our manufacturing workshop, and only an assembling is required when they are delivered to construction project sites, which allows easy installation and shortened assembly time.

CXTCM’s asphalt mixing plants are available in a wide array of standards and specifications, meeting the diverse requirements of a varied range of customers.

In addition to our standard product offerings, CXTCM also possesses complete customization abilities. Therefore, ideal solutions with our diverse customer requirements are always achieved.

The cold aggregate supply system is belt-driven and features a variable frequency converter control, which help to achieve reliable operation and stable adjustment accuracy. All the hopper gates are equipped with material shortage alarms, allowing a timely response in regard to material shortages and materials’ improper stacking. In addition, mesh grills are also installed, easily preventing large materials’ feeding.

Our innovation design helps to achieve low fuel consumption and prolonged serving life of the dryer drum, elevator, and vibrating screen. The dryer drum of our asphalt mixing plant is a tilted rotary dryer drum of counter-flow type, whose support is installed in a very low position. Meanwhile, dryer drums are driven simultaneously by four motors, which help to achieve smooth operation and little noise. In addition, a thermal insulation layer is installed on the exterior wall of dryer drum, ensuring small thermal loss. The thermal insulation layer’s installation is designed to require smaller fuel consumption and higher manufacturing output.

CXTCM’s asphalt mixing plant is also equipped with titled vibrating screen, which is made of high-strength steel, enabling easy changing.

Our PC control system and a real-time dynamic simulation system are featured in all our asphalt mixing plants. With the real-time dynamic simulation system and cameras, the operational conditions of its major components are easily monitored. The fault self-diagnosis system is also installed, which helps to realize automatic prompt when there is any fault, as well as a long-term storage of the manufacturing data and recipes.

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