Bitumen Melting Equipment

CXTCM Bitumen Melting Equipment has Drummed Bitumen Melting Equipment and Block Bitumen Melting Equipment. They are mainly used for barreled bitumen stripping and block bitumen heating melting to high temperature. The heated melted bitumen can be transported to the storage tank or high temperature bitumen tank through the insulation bitumen pump, it also can be sent to the site to use directly.

Scope of application of Drummed Bitumen Melting Equipment and Block Bitumen Melting Equipment: such as urban municipal construction, highway construction, asphalt mixing station and other units that use barreled bitumen in large quantities, as bitumen stripping drums and heating and melting.

Bitumen Melting Equipment Operating Principle
The forced circulation of heat transfer oil is controlled and adjusted through the valve, so that the air temperature in the box reaches about 160 ° C ~180 ° C. Lift the open bitumen drum and place it on the push rod platform at the mouth of the upper box, pull the hydraulic cylinder operating handle to make the hydraulic push rod move, and continuously feed the drum into the channel until the channel is filled with bitumen barrels, and wait for each bitumen drum to heat and melt in the upper box for about 45 minutes, so that all the asphalt in the drum is removed.
Then push the full drum into a row again (entering the full drum at the same time, the empty drum is automatically pushed out of the device), and so the operation is repeated.
When the bitumen temperature reaches more than 90 ° C (see the on-site thermometer), the oil can be pumped from the high-low pipe through the insulation bitumen pump, and the bitumen is transported to the high-temperature tank or the use of the site. If dehydration is needed, a circulation pipe is arranged in the lower box, and the high and low bitumen is pumped through the bitumen pump, and the dehydration is achieved by spraying through the circulation pipe.

Thanks to our high-quality Bitumen Melting Equipment, thoughtful customer service, as well as significant experience, CXTCM’s Bitumen Melting Equipment have sold many countries, Like Bangladesh, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Congo. They are receiving warm reception due to its high quality and stable performance in the developing countries. CXTCM will continue focusing on scientific and technological innovation.
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Drummed Bitumen Melting Equipment

Drummed Bitumen Melting Equipment

CXTCM Drummed Bitumen Melting Equipment adopts unique designed as upper and lower cabinets. It’s easy installation and moving. Reasonable layout of heating coils makes temperature increase fast. It has special slag discharge function, simple operation and easy maintenance.

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Block Bitumen Melting Equipment

Block Bitumen Melting Equipment

CXTCM Block Bitumen Melting Equipment is specially designed for heating block bitumen. The system will be consisted by bitumen feeding tanks and thermal oil heater. The cubic of block bitumen can be from 50KG to 1000KGS. The bitumen feeding tank capacity can be from 3T to 30T.

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XUETAO has been producing high quality Bitumen Melting Equipment made in China for many years and is one of the professional Bitumen Melting Equipment manufacturers and Suppliers in China. We have our own factory. Customers are satisfied with our products and excellent service. Contact us, we will provide you quotation and price list.
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