Jointly building the "Belt and Road" | WUXI XUETAO AMP2500 asphalt mixing plant to help Saudi Arabia to meet the Asian Cup


    Innovation-driven, technology-led, WUXI XUETAO over the years, adhere to innovation as the driving force for development, expand the market with a broader vision, and strive to create solid and reliable products; WUXI XUETAO has been forging ahead for 30 years, and the AMP series products developed and manufactured have been exported to Europe and Asia, and successfully gained a firm foothold in overseas markets. Recently, the Saudi market has been receiving good news, and the AMP2500 asphalt mixing plant exported to the country has been successfully put into production. The intelligent operating system and stable and reliable product quality have won unanimous praise from users!

    To jointly build the "Belt and Road" high-quality development, Saudi Arabia, as a country along the route and the host country of the 2027 Asian Cup, has immeasurable location advantages. WUXI XUETAO CXTCM brand has been deeply cultivated in the Saudi market for many years, and a number of sets of equipment have served the country. At the beginning of the construction of AMP2500 asphalt mixing plant, the user proposed to meet a number of requirements such as intelligence, easy operation, small area, flexible transfer, high temperature resistance, etc. The R & D Department of the Group carefully studied and judged, combined with the local reality, and then optimized and upgraded at the technical level, innovating from the root to design products that meet the needs of users. Finally, through the cooperation of all departments of the Group, the set of equipment was delivered on schedule and smoothly put into production. After days of production, the performance indicators far exceeded the user's expectations! With the production of this set of equipment, WUXI XUETAO Group's total number of asphalt mixing equipment in the Saudi market has reached 63 sets!

    In the context of the accelerated pursuit of carbon neutrality in the world, we are not only committed to providing customers with highly reliable and cost-effective products, but also have been working hard for green and low-carbon technology innovation, and look forward to working with global partners to create a greener and healthier environment under the same blue sky.