Asphalt Mixing Equipment National Vocational Skills Training Class (Wuxi Station) Opening Ceremony


    In order to assist Wuxi Xuetao users to improve the practical operation, maintenance and management level of asphalt mixing equipment, cooperate with the cultivation of asphalt mixing technical talents of each user unit, and thank each user unit for their companionship and support for us over the years.At the beginning of the New Year, the twelfth National vocational skills Training Class (Wuxi Station) of asphalt mixing Equipment of WUXI XUETAO GROUP CO.,LTD, which was suspended for three years due to the epidemic, officially opened on January 3, 2024.More than 100 people from all over the country who use our Wuxi Xuetao asphalt mixing equipment operation technology and management personnel participated in the training.

    At 8:30 am on January 3, 2024, the class opening ceremony was successfully held in Wuxi Junle Hotel. Zhang Hua, Vice chairman and general manager of the Group, attended and made a speech to mobilize the class opening.

    The training period is 6 days, Wuxi Xuetao arranged senior trainers to teach and explain. The course will be taught by combining theory and practice, not only explaining the basic knowledge of asphalt mixing equipment in detail, but also answering various problems in the use of equipment on the spot, especially the use of recycling equipment skills. We let the students master the equipment operation and maintenance skills through this study. At the end of the course, the training and assessment will be carried out, and the qualified candidates will be issued with professional qualification certificates recognized by the state.


    We fully help customers to improve the technical personnel business ability and level, especially for customers to provide strong talent security and intellectual support for high-quality development. Believe Wuxi Xuetao, we are not only a supplier of asphalt mixing equipment, but also your trusted, warm, responsible partner!Let's move forward hand in hand and write our own legend together!