WUXI XUETAO GROUP CO.,LTD for the first time indoor environmental protection quantitative change integrated asphalt mixture recycling production line in Jiangxi Province officially put into operation successfully, it can be said that WUXI XUETAO and the user's joint efforts.

      In the past, the production enterprise customized the production capacity of the asphalt mixing plant according to the daily business volume. When small batch production, due to the drying cylinder preheating time, thermal oil and asphalt heating energy consumption and many other factors, resulting in the phenomenon of small orders do not make money.

      And this time, we successfully put into production in Jiangxi, the quantitative integrated asphalt mixture mixing equipment broke through the bottleneck, completely solved the market pain point, turned the ideal into reality, and fully met the needs of customers that large orders can be produced and small orders can be profitable.

      When customers need large-scale production, start AMP4000 production mode; When customers need small batch production, start AMP1500 production mode, precise control, flexible braking, minimize energy consumption, improve economic efficiency, and achieve real cost reduction and efficiency.

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