Wuxi Xuetao Group Co., Ltd. follows the international trend of change, builds the "Belt and Road", always adheres to the concept of "connectivity", crosses the barrier of mountains and seas, and works together for development. As a key country along the "Belt and Road", Saudi Arabia has been committed to large-scale infrastructure construction for many years, and the market demand is strong. Wuxi Xuetao Group Co., Ltd. has been deeply engaged in the country's market for 20 years, successfully deploying many efficient intelligent equipment, and is committed to helping the construction of Saudi Arabia.

      The AMP2500 asphalt mixing equipment customized by Saudi Arabia customers, we meet the needs of customers, rain or shine, fast shipment, a day to ship 20 high cabinets, all successfully delivered. This is the 64th asphalt mixing plant ordered by a customer in Saudi Arabia. The equipment has a strong high temperature resistance, suitable for Saudi climate requirements; High degree of automation, easy operation and maintenance; It has many advantages such as small footprint, lightweight and flexible transfer, and is widely favored by users in Saudi Arabia.

      To create every detail with professionalism, to return every trust with action, to win every praise with quality. Satisfaction has only a starting point, no end, service is endless. Wuxi Xuetao Group Co., Ltd. gathers centripetal force with sincere heart, creates excellent quality with innovative wisdom, and assists the construction of Saudi Arabia with perfect wish.

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