200TPH Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant
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200TPH Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant

CXTCM 200TPH Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant is the medium-sized asphalt mixing plant. Modular design, easy assemble and disassemble, full computer automatic control. It can meet the construction requirements of general highways. Suitable for the medium-sized construction project. Your enquiry is warm welcomed!

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Product Description

CXTCM developed 200TPH Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant for repair and maintenance of municipal’s roads and the construction of general highways. The factory model is AMP3000(-)-C. The max. capacity is 200T/H. This kind of asphalt plant is the best choice for the customer who has medium-sized highway construction projects. It’s stable and has a high cost performance.
According to different requirements of clients, 200TPH Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant can be equipped with storage silo, built-in (under mixer) or stand alone type, to meet different needs.

200TPH Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant Parameter (Specification)




Rated output (t/h)


Mixer capacity (kg/batch)


Installed power(without finished material silo) (kw)


Total area (m2)


Oil consumption (kg/t)



Diesel oil, Heavy oil, Gas

Product temperature(℃)


Environment noise [dB(A)]


Noise around operator [dB(A)]


Dust collection

High pressure pulse bag filter

Dust emission concentration [mg/Nm3]


Reserve the right to change the parameters without prior notice.

200TPH Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant Production Process Diagram

200TPH Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant Details

1-Cold aggregate feeding

Two and three conjoined module was design for 200TPH Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant, transportation and installation is more convenient.
Belt feeders adopts frequent Inverter controlled, it can be shown on screen in the control room, more accuracy, low malfunctions.

Every hopper has material-out-alarm. Oversize meshes for hoppers, efficiently avoid large aggregate into the system.

Vibrator and broken arch machine are installed for the sand hoppers to avoid material blockage.

Oversize meshes for hoppers, avoid large aggregate to system, not only save fuels but also make dryer drum, elevator and vibrating screen perform well.

2-aggregate drying

Inclined friction driven, four motors simultaneously, low height installation, low centre of gravity, make sure dryer drum of Asphalt Mixing Plant running stable and reliable rotation.

Reasonable arrangement of lifters, bolt and nut fixing, easy maintenance.

Rock wool insulation and covered with stainless steel, decrease heat loss and shining outlook.

PID adjustment, fuel optional, low noise burner.

Set thermo detector at the outlet of dryer drum, control can realize burner PID adjustment according to the test data, it can help control fuel quantity and finished material temperature accuracy.

3-Hot aggregate elevator system

200TPH Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant adopts special elevator hopper, lots of hoppers, vertical elevate, Gravity discharge structure, eliminate the back material phenomenon,

The elevator use two chain lifting, the elevator lifting stable, low noise, and extend the chain’s working life.

Set mesh to stop aggregate at the discharging nozzle of aggregate elevator to reduce discharging material impulse force to the screen mesh.

Use special brake device, the drive sprocket can be stopped safely in a moment once emergency situation happened like power off.

4-Aggregate screening and weighting

Unique inclined angle, famous vibrating motor maintenance-free, high strength manganese steel meshes used for Asphalt Mixing Plant. The vibration deck can meet requirements for high level road constructions.

Easy access for replacement.

Four-points load cell for aggregate, three-points load cell for bitumen and filler, computer control, continuous tare compensation, high accuracy.


Proper length and width, tested arrangement of paddles and arms inside, the mixer can thoroughly mix the materials within shortest time.

Paddle arms and tips are wear-resistant Chrome Alloy casting products. Guarantee a long using period.

6-Computer control system

Asphalt Mixing Plant’s control room is divided into two parts, one installation of the computer, the other installation of the power distribution cabinet, the work can be effectively cut off, to maximize the protection of electromagnetic waves to the damage to the staff.

Computer control system is the whole Asphalt Mixing Plant’s heart. Automatically control and monitor system, whole producing process could be shown and control in control room.

Self-diagnosis system, any malfunctions will be shown on the screen automatically.

Can store over 1000 recipes and daily production data for a year; can analyze and give curves of each day’s data.

Remote Service System makes our service much faster and better.


7-Dust collection system

Spiral Case dust collector and Filter bag dust collector for AMP3000(-)-C Asphalt Mixing Plant.
The filter bag dust collector adopts two group upper and lower case horizontal structure, convenient for container shipment. The upper case uses rock wool insulation structure, eliminate the condensation phenomenon of dust in the work, color steel plate cladding, the appearance is beautiful.
The filter is mainly used in the United States imported high temperature resistant bags, to ensure long-term work at high temperature.

200TPH Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant Feature and Application

The medium-sized 200TPH Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant can completely meet the requirements of general road construction. It’s your best choice. It’s economic, has stable performance. It’s more popular in different countries. Especially in Saudi Arabia market is getting warm reception due to its high quality and stable performance.

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