80TPH Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant
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80TPH Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant

To meet the requirements of moving frequently construction project, CXTCM designed 80TPH Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant. It can produce a variety of grade asphalt mixture. Each main parts installed on the semi-trailer. Quickly assemble and disassemble is mobile asphalt plant’s main characteristic.

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Product Description

CXTCM 80TPH Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant is designed for moving frequently construction project. Factory model is MAMP80, the max. capacity is 80T/H. It belongs to the small-size asphalt plant. This kind of asphalt plant is the best choice for the customer who has small and medium-sized road construction and highway repair and maintenance projects. Mobile Asphalt Mixing plant has the biggest characteristic is quickly assemble and disassemble, main parts are pre-installed on the semi-trailer, and convenient for any compacted area to install. The transfer is flexible and convenient, it has a high cost performance.

80TPH Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant Parameter (Specification)




Rated output (t/h)


Mixer capacity (kg/batch)


Installed power(without finished material silo) (kw)


Oil consumption (kg/t)



Diesel oil, Heavy oil, Gas

Product temperature(℃)


Environment noise [dB(A)]


Noise around operator [dB(A)]


Dust collection

Primary: gravity type

Secondary: bag filter

Dust emission concentration [mg/Nm3]


Reserve the right to change the parameters without prior notice.

80TPH Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant Production Process Diagram

80TPH Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant Details

1-Cold feeding system

Four units of cold feed hoppers, one set of collecting and inclined conveyer pre-installed for Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant’s cold feeding system. It’s a complete vehicle assembly.

Belt feeders adopts frequent Inverter controlled, can be adjusted in the control room.

Oversize meshes for hoppers, avoid large aggregate to system, not only save fuel but also make dryer drum, elevator and vibrating screen perform well.

Collecting and Inclined conveyer are installed in this semi-trailer, the extending part and be bend outside the trailer

2-dryer drum and burner system

Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant’s dryer drum system includes the dryer, burner assembly, air compressor and one air holder.

Inclined friction driven, four motors simultaneously, low height installation, low centre of gravity, make sure dryer drum of Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant stable and reliable rotation.

Rock wool insulation and covered with stainless steel, decrease heat loss and shining outlook.

Burner is automatic proportional adjust,can adjust the fuel capacity according to the movement of the aggregate temperature.

Setting wear-resistant sensor at the outlet of dryer drum to detect the timely temperature of aggregate, control can realize burner PID adjustment according to the test data, it can help control fuel quantity and finished material temperature accuracy.

3- mixing tower

Mixing tower of Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant consists with vibration screen, hot bin, measure layer, mixer, air compressor, air holder, aggregate elevator, pre-installed on semi-trailer to ship.

The vibrating screen deck equips the single vibration motor, maintenance-free, inclined (inclined angle 15°) high strength manganese steel meshes.

Four layers of screen mesh can screen four kinds of aggregate. The vibration deck can meet requirements for high level road constructions

Hot bin for MAMP50 mobile Asphalt Plant is four compartments (setting discharges outlet for overflow and waste materials)

Batching gate type is pneumatic quickly opening and closing, Rotation level indicator is set in each compartment, to show material height timely.

For weighing system of MAMP Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant adopts 4 points load cell for aggregate, 3 points load cell for bitumen and filler, computer control, continuous tare compensation, high accuracy.

Horizontal Twin Shaft compulsory batch mixing is for Asphalt Plant, the mixer can thoroughly mix the materials within the shortest time.

Paddle arms and tips are wear-resistant Chrome Alloy casting products. Guarantee a long using period.

Bitumen spray system, transferred by screw pump, conduction oil for insulation, Bitumen is weighted according to grade scale and transferred by pump

Aggregate elevator

Double chains with buckets, self-discharge, inlet and outlet with wear-proof structure. With inspection port and chain adjusting device at the bottom

Computer control system

Control room of Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant will shipped on the semi-trailer. divided into two parts, one installation of the computer, the other installation of the power distribution cabinet.

Automatically control and monitor system, whole producing process could be shown and control in control room.

Self-diagnosis system, any malfunctions will be shown on the screen automatically.

Can store over 1000 recipes and daily production data for a year; can analyze and give curves of each day’s data.

The installation of wireless Internet device in the computer can implement remote screen monitoring, greatly facilitating the contact between the user and the manufacturer, so that the manufacturer can more directly understand the operation of the equipment.


4-Dust collection system

80TPH Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant’s primary dust collector is gravity type dust collection, secondary dust collection is filter bag dust collector, induced draught fan assembly, flue and chimney and filler screw conveyer.

Fine aggregates and most rough aggregates are collected by primary dust collection system, with volume changing, dust drops by gravity for recycling, Dust collection efficiency:>80%(adjustable)

Secondary dust collector using the subdivision off-line pulse to clean the ash, dust collection efficiency reach to 99.5%

The filter bag dust collector adopts upper and lower case horizontal structure. The upper case uses rock wool insulation structure, eliminate the condensation phenomenon of dust in the work, color steel plate cladding, the appearance is beautiful.

The filter bag is mainly used in the United States imported high temperature resistant bags, to ensure long-term work at high temperature.

5-filler system

Filler silo of 80TPH Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant, which including outlet valve, staircases and ventilation, filler elevator, screw conveyor, etc., optional with semi-trailer or without semi-trailer.

Vertical cylindrical type filler silo used for the mobile asphalt mixing plant, the capacity of silo can be customized accordingly. Bucket elevator, gravity discharge for the filler elevator with stable performance.

6-Bitumen heating system

80TPH Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant’s bitumen heating system consists with chassis assembly, thermal oil heater, circulation pump, expansion tank, oil storage tank, pipelines, valves and electric cabinet and bitumen tanks, bitumen measuring pump, pipelines and valves. It’s optional with or without semi-trailer.

Bitumen tank is optional with agitator or not.

80TPH Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant Feature and Application

Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant is designed for moving frequently construction site. It can produce a variety of grade asphalt mixture. Each main parts installed on the semi-trailer. Its advantage is quickly assemble and disassemble, full computer automatic control. It’s suitable for small projects, and highway repair and maintenance project. It’s getting warm reception in many developing countries.

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