CXCTM Integrated Asphalt Hot Recycled Mixing Equipment Officially Located in Deqing County


    On October 30, 2023, the integrated asphalt hot recycled mixing equipment manufactured by Wuxi Xuetao Group Co., Ltd. was officially put into production in Deqing City, Zhejiang Province. This area is mainly hilly, the equipment installation area is only 2 acres of land, greatly affected by the geographical environment, but we rely on rich experience, professional technology, reasonable layout, and a successful commissioning, successfully completed the customer's requirements.

    For the current demand for cost reduction and efficiency, green environmental protection, hot recycling and recycling technology conforms to the situation and is widely praised. Recovery of asphalt and aggregate in used materials can save raw materials and reduce the cost of disposal of used materials. In recent years, through continuous technical improvement, the recycled material temperature can reach more than 150℃, the proportion of more than 50%, to achieve efficient recycling, for customers to reduce costs and improve economic benefits.

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