CXCTM In-door Asphalt Mixing Plant once again settled in Jiangxi Province


   Osmanthus fragrance, golden autumn harvest. CXCTM's integrated indoor Asphalt Mixing Plant production line has once again settled in this piece of red land in Jiangxi province.At present, the installation and commissioning of the equipment have been completed, and the customer is improving other facilities. This is the 95th set of equipment that Wuxi Xuetao Group Co., Ltd. has put into use in Jiangxi Province.

   In recent years, China has been committed to protecting and improving the environment, promoting the construction of ecological civilization, and promoting sustainable economic and social development. We respond to national policies, keep up with the pace, adhere to the development concept of ecological and environmental protection, and solve environmental problems for more customers.

   In-door Asphalt Mixing Plant has realized factory-type fully closed production, from the storage, transportation, heating, mixing of asphalt and aggregate to the discharge of the whole process to achieve environmental protection operation. It can effectively control the pollution sources generated in the production process, laying the foundation for the customer's industrial park settlement and the realization of green environmental protection production.

   Customer trust and support, is our direction and driving force!