WCB Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant
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WCB Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant

WCB stabilized Soil mixing plant is suitable for the basic stable materials of the construction of high-grade highways, urban roads, airports, ports and other projects. It is an economic and practical mixing equipment. It has the advantages of high output, simple maintenance and reasonable price.

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Product Description

WCB stabilized Soil mixing plant can use quick lime, hydrated lime (water content in 10-15%), soil, sand, fly ash and other raw materials to produce lime soil stabilized base material, compacted concrete and other base materials. The production capacity is from 200t/h to 500t/h, the measurement method is divided into volumetric measurement and computer measurement, and the motor speed regulation method is divided into frequency conversion speed regulation and electromagnetic speed regulation, which is suitable for different requirements and can meet various construction requirements of users.

Computer control technology to manage the whole process; With manual and automatic operation options, the whole set of equipment is easy to operate.

WCB stabilized Soil mixing plant Parameter (Specification)






Capacity (t/h)





Power (kw)





Reserve the right to change the parameters without prior notice.

WCB stabilized Soil mixing plant Features

1. Industrial computer control system of high reliability, easy operation, compact construction and reasonable layout

2. Close-loop control system of high interference resistance

3. Remote-control water-flow system with high accuracy and quick response

Dosing System

It consists of aggregate hoppers, weighing hoppers and collecting belt conveyors. The numbers of aggregate hoppers and special devices such as anti-bridge devices are optional upon user requirement. It has the following features of compact structures, reasonable layout, big capacity of hoppers; low loading height, easy operations and convenient maintenance, etc.

Remote-control water-flow system

Consist of submersible pump, pipeline, regulating valve, sprinkler.

Storage Hopper

The mixed materials are conveyed to the storage hoppers by a belt conveyor with following features: simple structures, convenient maintenances, low breakdown rate and high lifting height.

Weighing system

Weighing system is a close-loop control system with high interference resistance. It consists of the weighing sensors, the frequency regulating speed motor, the frequency converter. All materials can be weighed separately and continuously. The mixed materials are more uniform and the dosage is more accurate.


Non-liner technology initiate in China, reduce the wearing of paddles, scuffing of the paddles and the materials jam.

Electrical Control System

Powerful management functions, user-friendly interface and excellent human-machine interacting function; Store the data like recipes and output and print statistic reports; Automatic warning; Full-enclosed air-condition

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